So, What Is A Smart House?
In reality, it is what you want it to be. For some, it could be as simple as remote and automatic timed control of a few lights and appliances. For others, intelligent security features may be the most important. Smarter houses often include voice and data distribution throughout, enabling the use of multiple phone lines, intercoms and the increasing need to access home and home office data resources such as personal computers, printers, schedules and shared Internet connections. Whole house audio/video and Home Theater features also make your home smarter.

A smarter home is efficient, saves energy and helps the environment through intelligent control of lighting, heating and cooling. A smarter home can protect your family and possessions through sophisticated security and surveillance systems. Secured home data systems allow families shared access to many home, home office and Internet business, educational, entertainment and consumer resources. Home theater systems allow you to enjoy music and video from anywhere in your house. The elderly and disabled can have full control of the home from their fingertips. Many features also offer remote access and control.

You can decide which features best fit your lifestyle. We can help you integrate the infrastructure and choose the components that satisfy your objectives. You can go all out and put in all the bells and whistles at once, or you can build it up a little at a time as your needs and budget allow.

To enable your smart house features, we first focus on your home's electrical and communications infrastructure. Many automated control products work well with standard and existing electrical cable installations, while some require specified installation methods. Voice, video and data systems require specific distribution cable types and installation methods. To achieve your desired results, we'll choose from a broad variety of products representing several wired and wireless technologies including "X10" control over electrical lines, Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), Ethernet, and Wireless Ethernet. A comprehensive cable system design and installation will make your house smarter.

How Smart Will Your Home Be?

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