It's Time For Some Technology Upgrades!
Computer Systems...
Phone Systems...
Audio & Video Systems...
Cabling & Infrastructure...
Hardened Network Security...

Whether you're not quite sure what you need, how to install it, integrate or maintain it, or perhaps just curious about the technology products and services that can best support your business operations effectively and securely, we can help with multi-platform technology solutions from the communications room to the desktop!

Northledge Technologies Inc. has a unique resource pool of engineers and technicians...
  • Certifications in:
    • Novell Networks

    • Microsoft Networks

    • Cisco Networks

    • Samsung Telecommunications Products

  • Expertise In:
    • Open-Source Platforms and Linux Operating Systems

    • Installation of structured cabling systems

    • Data security audits & remedial planning

    • Office and Home Technology Integration

  • A breadth of industry resources and contacts allowing us to work through and resolve the toughest integration issues.

We therefore focus on your operational and business needs with a broad and independent view of available tools and integration options.

Our proposals provide the most cost-effective customized solutions for your business and home. Most importantly, they are developed such that the elements included can be integrated incrementally as your budget allows and as your needs warrant.

Comprehensive Technology Solutions, Integration & Support
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